Introduction – If you are looking for a home schooling resource that will help you with the home schooling of your child, you should not have to look far. The Internet is quickly becoming a great resource for curriculum and information. It is often the first place a parent will turn when they are thinking of starting the homeschooling process. Some resources available which can offer a home schooling advantage are printed educational guides and local homeschooling associations. If you are a parent who wants to take advantage of homeschooling with your children, make sure to seek out of all the resources available to assist you in your home schooling journey.

Home schooling is an option that many parents have taken advantage of over the past few years. And the number increases every year. However, despite its many advantages, home schooling has been a rather controversial topic.


Home Schooling Resource

If you are considering home schooling for your child or children but have never done it before, you may want to check all the options and resources before you proceed. Here are a few options one can work with:

* Internet home schooling resources – Here one can find both free and paid home schooling. The main difference between the two is that one offers academically qualified teachers and the other primarily uses volunteers who may or may not have academic qualifications but rather have experience in the area they teach.

* Home schooling resources through books. There are many courses available, which provide step by step procedures for how one should conduct home schooling.

* Other homeschooling parents can be a great home schooling resource. They can guide you with their experience and knowledge.

The Benefits of Home Schooling

* Being able to maintain and strengthen the child-parent bond while your child is studying is one of the most powerful advantages of home schooling.

* Direct supervision of your child’s education.

* Safety. Your child does not have to deal with getting to school or any of the growing in-school safety issues.

* Let’s not forget the parent. Teaching is one of the most powerful forms of learning, so the parent/teacher is enriching their own life in many ways as well.

* No early mornings for you or your child.

The Disadvantages of Home Schooling

* Child missing out on any kind of social life or interaction with kids his/her age who are going through the same studies.

* Parent being too strict or too lenient with the child, which degrades the learning process.

* Parent not being able to achieve a level of competence with the material which doesn’t allow them to teach it effectively, therefore not providing quality teaching to the child.

A parent should check any and every home schooling resource available before taking on the task of doing home schooling, even if it is not the first time they have practiced home schooling. Every child is different and every year brings modification to the educational system and the laws which govern it, which should be taken into consideration by the parent and child.

Home schooling can be a challenging task, but can bring many rewards in due course if both the parent and child do their homework.